A number of high-profile IPOs are expected to be launched in 2023

A number of high-profile IPOs are expected to be launched in 2023, including some of the most exciting and disruptive companies in the world. These companies have already raised significant venture capital funding, and their success has earned them a valuation that is sure to attract attention from investors.


A promising electric truck startup, Rivian plans to debut an IPO in 2023. The company is expected to begin production on 40,000 vehicles this year, with plans to ramp up to 1 million vehicles over the next decade. Its stock could be an attractive investment in 2023 if it can build a loyal fan base for its R1T pickup.


This fintech app, which offers free accounts and a fee-free service for consumers, has been a hot prospect for years. It ranks top in a survey of net promoter score and has more than 12 million active users. It’s also a favorite among millennials, whose demographic is known for being tech-savvy and eager to adopt new technology.


The Swedish fintech company known for its buy-now-pay-later service is another intriguing IPO candidate in 2023. The firm recently announced a series C round of fundraising, with the bulk of it coming from Goldman Sachs.


Intel’s semiconductor subsidiary Mobileye is the maker of self-driving car technology and advanced driver assist systems. Its chips are used in most modern cars, and it is likely to be one of the more highly sought-after IPOs to watch in 2023.


This social media platform unites multiple forms of social media to offer a space for users to ask questions, share opinions, shop, find memes, read scary stories, and more. Its popularity and high user base make it a potential candidate for an IPO in 2023.

Epic Games

Video game developers are always an attractive candidate for an IPO, and video game creator Epic Games is no exception. Its most famous title is Fortnite, but the company has made other top-rated titles and has a strong track record of raising money for its video games. Backers of the company include Kleiner Perkins, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Smash Ventures, Disney Accelerator, and Sony.


This San Francisco-based instant messaging platform is a popular place to connect with friends and family. It is backed by some of the best VC firms in the world and has an IPO valuation that is likely to rise once it hits the market.


This cloud-based payments processor has been receiving significant VC funding, but that funding might be limited if the economy continues to struggle. The company registered its intent to hold an IPO a year ago but has not yet announced a date.


This popular Chinese video-sharing site is set to IPO in 2023, but it was originally scheduled for 2022. With a tepid stock market, the company may have to delay its debut until mid-2023.


The scooter-sharing company is headquartered in San Francisco and has rapidly grown into one of the most popular transportation options across major cities. Its scooters can be rented at a range of price points and are available in more than 200 cities worldwide.