elastomeric piping products

Elasto-Valve Rubber Products (EVR) has been in the business of manufacturing rubber-based piping products for industrial applications since 1984. They specialize in manufacturing custom-made products for diverse industries. From rubber elbows to hoses to pressure sensors, they provide a variety of solutions to suit the specific needs of customers. Founded in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, they are a subsidiary of Devjo Industries, Inc.

Known as one of the world’s largest ISO 9001-certified companies, they are a leading resource for custom-made rubber products. Their commitment to customer service and fast delivery makes them a valuable resource for many industry professionals. They have products that can be installed on either side of pipe lines to compensate for angular motion and transverse motion, while still providing adequate flexibility for installation. Their products are used in industrial settings across the globe.

Aside from elastomeric piping products, EVR manufactures pressure sensors, check valves, and pinch valves. These products are used to protect a variety of systems from hazardous fluids. They are available in custom-made designs to meet the evr product unique needs of each customer.

Their line of check valves is used in a wide range of industries, including petrochemical, food processing, and industrial manufacturing. They also manufacture rubber expansion joints for use in the pulp and paper industry. They have distribution centers in dozens of countries and have been recognized for their expertise and quality. In addition, EVR has a team of experienced technicians and dedicated sales representatives to support their customers. By maintaining close communication with its customers, EVR is able to ensure their products are working effectively. It is because of this that EVR is able to provide customized solutions and reliable service.