The Festo Motion Terminal is an industrial automation solution

Ever valves are made of Ductile Iron/Cast Iron. They are known for their excellent quality and low prices. The company was founded in 1972 and has been manufacturing valves ever since. They manufacture the most high quality valves in the industry. Here is a look at some of their products.

i-Lite(tm) Valve

When a battery begins to drain, the i-Lite(tm) valve will alert the operator, alerting them to replenish the electrolyte level. It is compatible with several battery types and can be used alone or with a single point watering system. In addition, the valve will monitor electrolyte levels for optimum battery performance.

CPX automation platform

The CPX automation platform is the most complete and modular automation platform available for valves. Its three digital output channels, two external and one internal, enable users to control and monitor a variety of valve functions. The platform also features the CODESYS controller for integration into an industry 4.0 HOST environment.

The CPX automation platform can control electrical, pneumatic, and fluid-powered drives. It also processes sensor signals and provides comprehensive diagnostic services. Its modular design enables it to be installed in control cabinets and is ideal for process automation applications.

Festo Motion Terminal

The Festo Motion Terminal is an industrial automation solution that integrates pneumatic technology, intelligent sensors, electronics, and software to transform a traditional valve into an Industry 4.0 component. This innovative automation solution allows the user to control, reconfigure, and monitor valves using an app. This means that there is no need to Our site add additional components, such as switches and relays.

The Festo Motion Terminal uses a bridge circuit, similar to pneumatic valve functions, to regulate pneumatic flow, pressure, and flow. It consists of four two-way valves connected in series. Each diaphragm poppet valve is proportionally piloted by two piezo valves, and pressure sensors are installed at ports two and four to measure the valve’s stroke.

Diesel high pressure EGR valve

High pressure exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) systems have become a common feature of diesel engines. They work to reduce the NOx emissions from an engine by returning a portion of the exhaust to the inlet manifold through corrosion-resistant tubing and a control valve. There are many different types of EGR valves on the market. Let’s explore what these systems do, and why they are so important for diesel engine emissions.

A diesel high-pressure EGR valve diverts high-soot exhaust gases before they reach the diesel particulate filter. Without this part of the system, these gases can mix with oil vapor and produce sludge. A high-pressure EGR valve redirects this sludge to the intake manifold, creating a vacuum in the intake manifold.